By building a new plant for producing traditional soy protein concentrates, Sojaprotein is expanding its added value product production portfolio.

Soy protein concentrates (SPC) are soybean products of a higher processing phase containing approximately 70% protein. The base soybean processing technology consists of hexane solvent oil extraction where the soybean proteins are fully preserved owing to a specially designed solvent removal system. The defatted soybean flakes are then rinsed of soluble sugars with diluted alcohol which increases the protein content from 65% to 70%.

Traditional soy protein concentrates are used in the food industry, with their use in animal nutrition being particularly high. Animal nutrition without soybean products is today unimaginable. They have substantially higher nutritional value compared to soybean meal and are characterised by their low oligosaccharides and antigenic factors content. They are an optimal alternative for high-quality proteins of animal origin (such as powdered skimmed milk or fishmeal) in calve, pig, chicken and household pet nutrition and in the aquaculture sector.