Soybean, a vegetable crop from the legume family, is full of useful nutrients, especially proteins utilised to a high degree by the body. Its nutritional value and typical properties, primarily a very favourable ratio of unsaturated fatty acids to high-value proteins, have contributed to the expansion of soybean cultivation and more intensive use in human and animal nutrition.

Soybean is a unique plant given that in three to five months of vegetation, it can produce a huge amount of protein with a very favourable amino acid composition. Soybean proteins contain 8 essential amino acids essential for the normal functioning of the body. The body cannot produce these amino acids itself; they have to be obtained from food. Besides proteins, which make up about 34% of the soybean, it also contains 18% oils (including 3% lecithin). Considering the good protein to fat ratio, soybean is also deemed both a protein and oilseed plant.

The main raw material at the Sojaprotein factory is locally produced soybean and the company has been using different methods to encourage and support farmers in Serbia who grow soybean. Victoria Logistic, a member of the Victoria Group business system, in which Sojaprotein also operates, secures the raw material for processing.