Luka Bačka palanka

The Port of Bačka Palanka is situated on the left bank of the Danube River, on the 1295th kilometre mark, in the agricultural district of South Bačka. It is strategically positioned near the Novi Sad–Osijek trunk road, and by means of the Pan-European Corridor 7 it is connected with countries from the north of Europe to the Black Sea. In addition, access to the railroad is only 5km away from the Port.

The Port of Bačka Palanka provides port services, such as reloading, the use of infrastructure facilities, storage and transportation.

Thanks to its capacities, 500,000 tons of cargo of various types can be loaded annually at the Port of Bačka Palanka. The Port also provides the usage of its infrastructural facilities – operational quay, anchoring, winter storage and warehouse facilities, and also offers transportation services, including loaders and forklifts. On account of its numerous advantages, the Port of Bačka Palanka has developed an additional activity – the production and sale of construction material: natural gravel, separated gravel, sand, as well as concrete customised to buyers’ needs.

The Port of Bačka Palanka has achieved excellent business results on the back of its continuous investments, as demonstrated by the quantity of reloads facilitated at the Port in 2012, which was in excess of 290,000 tons.