Victoria Logistic

Victoria Logistic has a strategic role within Victoria Group. The company ensures the supply of necessary raw agricultural products that are to be processed by the Victoriaoil and Sojaprotein factories, and is also engaged in the trade, distribution, transport and storage of goods required by all the member companies. Through its 300 subcontractors, Victoria Logistic successfully cooperates with more than 40,000 agricultural producers of soybean, sunflower, rapeseed, wheat and corn. Victoria Logistic is the market leader in the purchase of oilseeds and grains.

Victoria Logistic organises primary agricultural production and supplies the farming community with the highest quality input materials – mineral fertilisers, seeds and pesticides. Farmers can also benefit from the expertise of Agroservis, which offers advice and professional support to help farmers achieve high and stable yields. Agroservis conducts soil sampling and fertility analyses, and provides recommendations on the use of fertilisers and plant protection products.

Victoria Logistic is also engaged in the purchase of biomass – soybean, wheat and barley straw and cornstalks. The transformation of production residues into bio-energy not only ensures the energy independence of most of the Victoria Group factories, but also the reduction of harmful emissions.

The company owns significant storage capacities – silos with a capacity of 200,000 tons, while an additional 650,000 tons of various types of goods are stored in external storage facilities. The total volume of transport facilitated by Victoria Logistic exceeds 2 million tons per year.