Among leading soybean processing companies in Europe

We are processing exclusively NON-GMO soybeans

Our soy products in more than 50 countries

World’s largest food companies are our customers

Unique factory complex with rounded portfolio

Diversified product portfolio for food and feed industry

Soy products for human consumption
Soybean products range from protein to oil products with a very wide application in food industry: in meat, confectionary, baking, and pasta industries, in vegetable oils and fats production, in dietetic and pharmaceutical products, as well as in vegetarian and vegan nutrition.
Protein concentrates as soybean added value products
Soy protein concentrates are important segment in Sojaprotein’s product portfolio with a growing demand on the market. These soy products with high added value contain 65-70% of proteins and are used as optimal alternative for proteins of animal origin.


Draft merger agreement
Soya to be proud of - where challenges meet solutions
Mr. Patrick Mewton Appointed as Special Advisor for Victoria Group and Sojaprotein
Victoria Group Remained One of Serbia’s Biggest Exporters in 2018

Non-GMO products from field to plate

A strict control of genetic modification, origin and quality throughout the whole supply chain and all production phases

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Benefits of soy application

  • Increase of product’s nutritional value
  • Improvement of product’s sensory characteristics
  • Longer stability of a product
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Serbian soy for the whole world

With more than 50 export markets worldwide, Sojaprotein is one of the largest net exporters in Serbia.

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Soy products for MEAT industry
Soy products for BAKING, CONFECTIONERY AND PASTA industries
Soy products for FEED industry