Soy protein concentrates

Soy protein concentrates (SPC) are soybean products of a higher processing phase containing approximately 70% protein. These products have a low level of anti-nutritive factors, as well as an optimal amino-acidic profile and excellent digestibility.

With additional phase of water-ethanol extraction and removing soluble sugars from material, protein content in soy protein concentrates is increased up to 65% -70%.

Sojaprotein offers a wide range of traditional soy protein concentrates from flour to textured products.

Soy protein concentrates have a very important application in the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in feed industry.

Animal nutrition today is unimaginable without soybean products, with growing demand for soy protein concentrates, especially in the case of certain animal species and younger categories with undeveloped digestive tracts.

Soy protein concentrates represent a sophisticated group of soybean products. They have substantially higher nutritional value compared to soybean meal and are characterized by low oligosaccharides content (<3%) and very low typical values for antigenic factors. At the same time they are an optimal and cost-efficient alternative for high-quality proteins of animal origin (such as powdered skimmed milk or fishmeal) in calve, piglet, and poultry feed, and pet and fish food.