Corporate responsibility

As a leader in our region’s agricultural industry sector, Victoria Group is committed to responsible business practices in all its spheres of activity – from cooperation with the primary agricultural sector through processing and production to the development of the local communities in which its ten member-companies operate.

From the time of its establishment, Victoria Group has been building strong partnership relations with primary producers. Today, this partnership includes over 300 partners through which Victoria Group works together with more than 40,000 farmers. On the basis of this partnership, the company annually invests over €60 million through the pre-financing of primary agricultural production and gives support to farmers by providing inputs and free soil analysis.

The Victoria Group business system includes ten member companies across the country. With a firm belief in fostering the mutual success of its companies, and of the environments in which they operate, Victoria Group invests significant funds and resources in environmental protection and local community development.

Over the past five years, the company has supported over a 1,000 individuals and organizations, by investing more than EUR 2 million in the development of the society. Victoria Group has taken part in numerous projects, providing more than EUR 1 million for the Battle for Babies campaign, the Food for All campaign, regular donations to the soup kitchens for the residents of Kosovo’s enclaves, donations aimed at solving housing issues of displaced persons, and donations to the Clinical Centre and the Emergency Centre of Serbia, the Children’s Hospital in Tiršova Street, and the Vojvodina Institute for Protecting the Health of Children and Youth, among others.

Since we deeply believe that the success of a company rests primarily on its employees, Victoria Group takes especial care of the internal community of all its members, which today have more than 1,600 employees. In keeping with corporate culture and the company’s values, Victoria Group nurtures the individual development of each member of the collective and together with its employees creates a work and business environment based on cooperation, trust, support and the awarding of success.