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4.11.2022 Draft merger agreement
17.11.2021 Soya to be proud of - where challenges meet solutions
6.10.2020 Mr. Patrick Mewton Appointed as Special Advisor for Victoria Group and Sojaprotein
7.02.2019 Victoria Group Remained One of Serbia’s Biggest Exporters in 2018
9.07.2018 Good News for Serbian Agriculture: Cooperation Between MK Group and Victoria Group
21.05.2018 Victoria Group as the Largest Meal Exporter
23.04.2018 Sojaprotein Management Change
13.02.2018 Sojaprotein Among the Top Soybean Texturate Producers in the World
18.12.2017 Victoria Group among the biggest exporters in Serbia at the end of the year
1.12.2017 Sojaprotein at the Food Ingredients Europe 2017 Exhibition
6.11.2017 Regional cooperation for GMO-free soybean from the Danube region continues
3.08.2017 General Manager of Sojaprotein awarded for contribution to Bečej’s economy
26.06.2017 The 58th Conference on the Production and Processing of Oilseeds
19.06.2017 Danube Soya Field Day
18.05.2017 Victoria Group awarded for successes in the export of soy and sunflower meal
17.05.2017 Victoria Group among the 15 largest exporters within the first quarter
3.05.2017 Victoria Group supports “Battle for Knowledge”
28.04.2017 Sojaprotein discusses the export to the British market
18.04.2017 Record donation to Food Bank
27.03.2017 Quality Soybean: From Science to Practice
14.02.2017 Victoria Group among the top ten exporters in Serbia in the previous year!
2.12.2016 Victoria Group the third largest net exporter in Serbia
1.12.2016 Compliance with the highest requirements of the food safety management system achieved
29.11.2016 The 4th International Danube Soya Congress