Victoria Group member companies presented themselves at Novi Sad Agricultural Fair

During first five days of the 80th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, three Victoria Group member companies presented their products and services to the numerous audience at the Fair.

20 May 2013 - Agroteam and Victoria Logistic held a presentation entitled “Advantages and Possibilities of Application of Natura Fertilizers with Raw Phosphate. Main topic of the presentation was an adequate usage of mineral fertilizers, with a special focus on Natura line of mineral fertilizers, produced by Fertil factory, member of Victoria Group. In front of approximately 100 guests – farmers, partners and the media, Natalija Kurjak, Relationship Marketing Manager in Victoria Group, dr Duško Marinković from Victoria Logistic and dr Dragi Stevanović, professor of Faculty of Agriculture, underlined the impact of soil and fertilizers on productivity and quality of agricultural production. The presenters agreed that production and application of fertilizers are among the key issues of agricultural development and that one of the goals should be raising the domestic fertilizer production.

21 May 2013 – Sojaprotein factory organised a presentation on production and use of soya protein concentrates in human and animal nutrition, presented by Siniša Sadžakov, Specialist for the application of soya products, and Čedomir Pešić, Manager of the Department for Concentrates Production. The audience had the opportunity to find out more about processing capacities of Sojaprotein’s factory, as well as about production processes in the manufacturing plant for protein concentrates and their usage in diverse industries. After the presentation tasting of soya products was organized for the guests, demonstrating high quality of Sojaprotein’s portfolio.

22 May 2013 - SP Laboratory organized three presentations for its clients and other exhibitors at the Agricultural Fair: “SP Laboratory’s Support to Food Industry - Microbiological Criteria’’ (Marija Marković), “Serbia’s Export Potentials – Demonstrating Origin and Authenticity of Plum Cherry by IRMS Device’’ (Maja Lojović), “Foreign Regulations within Export of Berries – Analysing Pesticides Residues’’ (Maja Pandurević Todorović). All three presentations underlined that the right information at the right time contributes to making right decisions regarding production and placement of products, and that with state-of-the-art equipment, highly qualified experts and full compliance of testing methods with EU regulations, SP Laboratory offers precise and most accurate data on quality and safety of products to the food industry.