Full-Fat Toasted Soybean Flour


SOPRO-PTB is a product obtained by processing soybean with high protein contents. The natural ratio of the proteins and the high level of soybean oil, lecithin, minerals and fat-soluble vitamins has remained intact in this product. The anti-nutritive factors are deactivated using appropriate thermal processing, and the usability of the proteins is thus increased. SOPRO-PTB is valuable for its high nutritional and biological values and its functional properties in the final production process. SOPRO PTB has emulgation properties, it stabilises emulsions of oil/water and water/oil, absorbs and preserves water and prevents fat from going rancid owing to its naturally high tocopherol contents.



Baking Industry

Adding SOPRO-PTB to wheat flour increases its nutritional value, gives the bread a nicer crust colour, reduces crumbling and prolongs the freshness of bread and pastry; since it is dosed at 15-20 percent relative to the wheat flour, the quantity of water should be increased proportionally. In order to achieve a better structure of the bread and pastry interior, the use of gluten flour is recommended. SOPRO-PTB is used as a component in the production of high-protein bread, bread for people suffering from diabetes, etc.

Confectionery Industry

SOPRO-PTB is used as a nutritional supplement in amounts of up to 10 percent, for the purpose of increasing the protein content, which is of special importance because these products are primarily intended for persons at a young age. For the production of biscuits, 2 percent is added to the wheat flour, thus facilitating the mechanical processing of the dough. SOPRO-PTB improves the structure of confectionery products and prolongs their freshness. In the production process, it reduces the consumption of eggs and fats, improves fat consistency, prevents fat from separating and postpo-
18 nes the recrystallisation of sugar.