Defatted Toasted Soybean Flour


SOPRO-TB is a product obtained through the modern processing of selected soybean with a high protein content. It is an excellent source of proteins, or essential amino acids and protective substances – minerals and vitamins that are significant for the overall metabolism. The anti-nutritive factors are deactivated using appropriate thermal processing and the usability of the proteins is thus increased. SOPRO-TB has high nutritional and biological values and its functional properties (emulgation and stabilisation, a high affinity for water absorption and binding, dispersion, fat emuslification, easily forms protein network, improving the structure and antioxidant action) are useful in the final production process.


Meat Industry

SOPRO-TB is used as a protein emulgation agent in the meat grinding process for the purpose of binding additional water, emulgation and overall stabilisation with meat-fat emulsions. It can be used dry or hydrated, in which case flour is added in the ratio one to three of water (1 : 3). SOPRO-TB can be also used as a functional additive because of its emulgation and gelling properties, as well as a filler or a substitute for albumins of animal origin. Its usual quantity in the final products is 2-4 percent.

Confectionery Industry

SOPRO-TB is used as a nutritional supplement in quantities of up to 5-7 percent, especially for increasing the protein content, which is of special importance because these products are primarily intended for persons at a young age. For the production of biscuits, 2 percent is added relative to the quantity of wheat flour, which facilitates mechanical dough processing. In confectionery products, SOPRO-TB improves their refinement and structure and prolongs their freshness.

Catering Industry

For the catering industry, the addition of 10 percent soybean flour is recommended in order to enrich meals with proteins, essential amino acids, minerals and dietary fibre. This mixture is used for the preparation of the following dishes: raised dough products, pies, rolls and buns, donuts, pancakes etc.

Dietetics and Pharmaceuticals

SOPRO-TB is used in the production of various dietary products for additional nutrition for professional and recreational athletes, and in the production of various food products expected to produce dietary effects (dry mixture, bread, rolls and buns, 24 confectionery products, pasta etc.)