Lecithinated Toasted Soybean Flour


SOPROLEC-8-TB is a product obtained using an up-to-date procedure for processing selected soybean with higher protein content. It is an exceptional source of proteins, i.e. essential amino acids and protective substances: minerals and vitamins that are significant for the entire metabolism. Anti nutritive factors are deactivated using adequate heat treatment thus increasing protein utilization. Due to its subsequent lecithination, SOPROLEC-8-TB has high nutritive and biological values and improved functional properties. It is an excellent emulsifier and stabiliser. Its capacity to absorb and bind water is great and it excellently disperses and emulsifies fat, it easily forms protein network, it improves the final product structure and has great antioxidant effect due to its high tocopherol content.


Meat Industry

SOPROLEC-8-TB is a soybean flour with similar characteristics to SOPRO-TB, containing soybean lecithin, which is one of the best natural emulsifier, giving the flour improved functional emulsifying properties. It can be hydrated with water in a ratio of up to 1:3 (flour : water) and is used in formulations as an emulsifier or filler. The usual dosage is in the range from 2 to 4% in final products. The optimum stabilisation will be achieved in products in the following ratio: protein : fat : water = 1 : (1.5-3.5) : (5-7). The most effective applications of SOPROLEC-8-TB as an emulsifier are achieved in the production of boiled, semi-dry and some cooked products, such as pates. The recommended quantity is previously hydrated in the cutter by adding 3-4 times as much water to prepare the suspension. Meat, salt, necessary additives and spices, as well as other raw materials depending on the type of products and the producer’s usual processing procedure, are added to the suspension.

SOPROLEC-8-TB is used for the preparation of curing brine for the production of semi-dry food products such as ham in casing, beef in casing, sterilised mandolin ham and semi-dry pork and beef cans. The curing brine is prepared as follows: the first suspension is prepared in a 1 : 3 (flour : water) ratio, and then the planned quantity of water is gradually add with salt and other additives for curing brine. The quantity of SOPROLEC-8-TB in the 26 curing brine should be 2-4% SOPRO-LEC-8-TB per 100 kilograms of meat in the final products. SOPROLEC-8-TB is used for the preparation of pork scratchings suspension, where approximately 4% is usually used, calculated per quantity of suspension prepared. This suspension is thermally stable and used for the production of some other sausages and sterilised canned products. SOPROLEC-8-TB is used as a functional addition to almost all types of meat products except dry sausages. In the production of meat products with special properties, with increased participation of soybean products (in order to decrease fat and cholesterol), soybean products and water are added to the cutter in the following ratio: SOPROLEC-8-TB : SOPROTEX : water = 1 : 1.5 : 8. The mass is cutterred for approximately 2 minutes and added to the product in quantities of up to 30%.

Baking Industry

Due to its subsequent lecithination, SOPROLEC-8-TB has high nutritive and biological values and improved functional properties. Lecithin is a good emulsifier and, once added to soybean flour, it enhances bread crumb elasticity, makes pores more uniform with sponge-like walls, prolongs product freshness and the bread crumbles less. SOPROLEC-8-TB is particularly recommended for toast-bread production with a dosage of 1.5-3%, adding water into the mix in the ratio 1 : 2.

Confectionery Industry

SOPROLEC-8-TB is added as a nutrient in the confectionery industry at levels of up to 20% wheat flour content depending on its quality. Due to its characteristics, SOPROLEC-8-TB is particularly useful for the production of biscuits, wafers and chocolate spreads. This allows better fat dispersion in dough, smaller droplets, more stable crystallisation, nicer crumb, prolonged freshness and the better appearance of the final products. Adding SOPROLEC-8-TB 325 to wafer products results in a more homogeneous dough structure, quicker and easier baking and better and prolonged freshness. The wafers become crunchier, crispier, with better colour and good solubility when chewed. SOPROLEC-8-TB 325 is an excellent emulsifier and stabiliser, so that it can partly replace egg or milk powder in products.

Dietetics and Pharmaceutics

SOPROLEC-8-TB 325 is used in the production of various dietetic products providing additional nutrition for sportsmen and amateurs, as well as in the production of various dietetic foodstuffs (dry mixtures, bread and other baked products, pasta and confectionery products etc.). Depending on the desired effects i.e. the lecithin content required in products, various levels of SOPROLEC-8-TB can be used. In addition, SOPROLEC-8-TB can be used in the production of various dietetic and therapeutic products, where the following beneficial effects of lecithin are desired: cardiovascular system protection, cell regeneration, liver protection etc.