soybean lecithin

Crude Soybean Lecithin


CRUDE SOYBEAN LECITHIN is a product obtained when soybean are processed in the production of protein products and crude degummed oil. It is extracted from the oil by centrifugation. It is a viscous mass with an amber colour and a specific odour and flavour. CRUDE SOYBEAN LECITHIN is a natural mixture of phospholipids and oil with distinctive surface activity due to its combination of lypophilic and hydrophilic features in the phospholipid molecules. CRUDE SOYBEAN LECITHIN is an excellent emulsifying agent, dispersing agent for hard particles, foam stabiliser, watering and release agent, and crystallisation controller. It has distinctive dietetic and therapeutic properties and is recommended as a dietary supplement. CRUDE SOYBEAN LECITHIN contains a minimum 62% of phospholipids.


Confectionery Industry
CRUDE SOYBEAN LECITHIN is used in the production of various types of chocolates, chocolate products and toppings, and cacao spreads. It is added in quantities of up to 1% as calculated per the other ingredients. In addition to its favourable effect on the technological properties of the product, soya lecithin also has dietetic effects.

Dietetics and Pharmaceutics
CRUDE SOYBEAN LECITHIN is a natural source of potassium and phosphorus. Considering the fact that potassium has a beneficial influence on the nervous system, blood pressure regulation and normalisation of the muscle functions, and that phosphorus contributes to a metabolism balance and improves bones and teeth hardness, crude soybean lecithin is used in preparation of dietetic and pharmaceutical products as well as for supplementary diets for sportsmen and amateurs.

Baking Industry
CRUDE SOYBEAN LECITHIN is used as an emulsifier in the production of all types of bread and pastry, and specifically those where fats are used. The recommended quantity to add ranges from 0.3 to 0.5% depending on the quantity of wheat flour. In addition to its favourable effect on the technologic properties of a product, soya lecithin has a distinctive dietary effect.