Semi-Fat Toasted Soybean Flour


SOPRO-MTB is a product obtained by processing soybean with high protein contents. This product is typical for its medium oil and protein content, which is conditional to its purpose. The anti-nutritive factors are deactivated using appropriate thermal processing, and the usability of the proteins is thus increased. SOPRO-MTB is valuable for its high nutritional and biological values and its functional properties in the final production process. SOPROMTB has emulgation properties, it stabilises emulsions of oil/water and water/oil, absorbs and preserves water and prevents fat from becoming rancid owing to its naturally high tocopherol contents.


Confectionery Industry

SOPRO-MTB is used as an additive for improving the nutritional value and quality of confectionery products with a quantity of 10 percent relative to the wheat flour. The addition of SOPRO-MTB improves mechanical dough processing, reduces the consumption of eggs and fat, influences the economy of production, improves fat and sugar distribution and fat consistency, prevents the separation of fat and loss of water, and postpones the recrystallisation of sugar.