TradKon SPC-Tex

Textured Traditional Soybean Concentrates - Minced


TRADKON SPC-TEX includes textured products produced by texturing traditional soy protein concentrate and available as soy chunks, minced and small minced. They are a source of protein – i.e. essential amino acids and protective substances – minerals and vitamins, important for the overall metabolism. The process of production of traditional soy protein concentrates involves deactivating anti-nutritional factors and thus increasing of the utilisation of the proteins, as well as the removal of a part of the soluble carbohydrates, which contributes to making these textured products more neutral in taste and lighter in colour compared to soy-flour based textured products. The TRADKON SPC-TEX products have high nutritive and biological values. They are characterised by a structural integrity, which is maintained even with rehydration, cooking, sterilising and other similar procedures. They have a high capacity for absorbing water, fats and meat juices, stabilise the system and prevent fat separation, acting as an anti-oxidant.


Meat industry

TRADKON SPC-TEX MINCED are used in the meat-processing industry. They are mainly used as extenders (replacement for a part of the meat in a recipe). These products show their optimum properties in their rehydrated form and rehydration in the ratio 1 : 4 is recommended. They can be used in various types of half-cooked and cooked sausages with up to 8-12% in the rehydrated form in the finished product. They are especially suitable for application in products made of chopped and formed meat where extending the meat with them in a rehydrated form up to 25 % is recommended. Contrary to soy-flour based textured products, textured soy protein concentrates have a lighter colour, their taste is more neutral and they have somewhat stronger consistency both in their dry and rehydrated states.

Catering Industry

The application of soy products in the canteen-based diet provided in factories, schools etc. has nutritive and economic advantages. The nutritional value and sensory properties of dishes prepared in this way are considerably improved, and the cholesterol value and quantity reduced. TRADKON SPC-TEX MINCED products are used for the preparation of all types of hot and cold dishes made of minced or chopped meat. The use of these products is especially recommended for the preparation of dishes intended for a low-fat diet.